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Key virtues of our company


We understand the need to develop an MVP that can be tested against a small target market of early adopters. If your product changes over the course of two weeks, we will respond to those changes.


Everyone that works at ClearCut IP has an entrepreneurial spirit. That means we participate in hackathons and conventions to stay on top of the latest innovations in the industry.


A strong portfolio doesn't just cover what is valuable today. We look at what will be valuable in two years time. If an application doesn't provide value, then we won't file it.


The USPTO updates the status of applications on a daily basis, but those statuses are only available to registered agents and attorneys. We provide a portal so you can keep up-to-date on all of your applications.

We know innovation.

True innovation can only be patented if it meets five legal requirements. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has boiled down hundreds of court cases into five terms of art. These words have precise, specialized meaning that connect these five terms to specific cases and rulings. They are (1) usefulness, (2) novelty, (3) non-obviousness, (4) definiteness, and (5) enablement.

A patent consists of two parts: the specification and the claims. The spefication is the part of the application that explains how to make and use the invention to one skilled in the art (i.e. enablement). The claims define the scope of protection provided by the patent. Generally, you want a detailed specification that explains multiple embodiments of the invention. For the claims, you want short, clear language that broadly defines the scope of the invention, but still meets the requirements of usefulness, novelty, non-obviousness and definiteness.

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Goal: a strong culture of continuous improvement,
driven from below and supported from above.
- Henrik Kniberg

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Daniel Miller

Founder & Managing Partner

Daniel went to Georgia Tech for undergrad, where he studied Material Science and Engineering, and Golden Gate University for law school. Daniel specializes in drafting and prosecuting patent applications with a focus in material science and computer science technologies.

Target User


Inventor & Entrepreneur

You have a passion for building not only a product, but a community around that product. You are familiar with agile development, and you have a business plan that includes a one year budget and a five year growth strategy. Your plan includes a building a patent portfolio.

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Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana.
- Bill Gates

Feedback Validation of Electronically Generated Forms
Dynamic Reordering of Scanning Devices
Integrating Rule Based Systems with Distributed Data Processing
Real Time Cloud Bursting
Providing Access to a Networked Application without Authentication
Executing Contant Time Relational Queries against Structured and Semi-structured Data
Data Driven Relational Algorithm Formation for Execution against Big Data
Real Time Cloud Workload Streaming

Our Skills.

At ClearCut IP, we specialize in computer technology such as database management systems and networking devices; consumer devices such as phone cases and mounts, and material science technology such as nanomaterials and nanomachines.

Computer Technology


Consumer Devices


Material Science Technology



Patent Prosecution Services
Filing Fees not included

  • Provisionals
  • 1 Claim
  • 1-3 Drawings
  • 10-20 Pages
  • Endless Revisions
  • $750

    per application
  • Non-provisionals
  • 20 Claims
  • 1-10 Drawings
  • 10-40 Pages
  • Endless Revisions
  • $2500

    per application
  • Office Actions
  • 3-5 Arguments
  • 1 Interview Agenda
  • 1 Examiner Interview
  • Unlimited Claim Amendments
  • $500

    per reply


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